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At the end of June I'll be packing up and moving from Windsor, Ontario to Sydney, CapeBreton.
For anyone who hasn't been to see, Windsor is a pretty cultural and artsy kind of center, and I'm living smack in the middle of downtown.
I've toured Sydney before, but not without my mom, and so I haven't really seen everything it could offer.
Does anyone have any suggestions on places to go, things to check out? Shows, festivals, good restaurants? And where can I get a good cup of coffee?

With the move only 4 months away I'm getting really nervous and anxious, and I think if I knew more about the city I'm going to I can ease my mind a little bit more.

I've also been cruising MySpace, looking to meet new people so if you're on there, look me up:

Anything helps. I just need to be less nervous.
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