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... [05 Jan 2009|08:34am]

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Wow [04 Jan 2009|07:11pm]

Holy No One Posts
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If you're truly bored... please share your opinion [27 Jun 2008|12:15pm]

I posted long ago about liking the film New Waterford Girl. Well, rather than cleaning out my car or doing something else useful, I poked around the Cape Breton coast on Google Earth the other day. I found what I think is the location of Moonie Pottie's home, in the film.

I'm wondering if any of you, familiar with the film and/or the location, might agree.

you must be bored...Collapse )

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[14 Dec 2007|07:07pm]

I have a free place to live in Sydney, but want to go back to school.
Where can I take a hairdressing course or aesthetics course nearby?
Does CBU have that kind of program?
Please help... This comes to my staying in Ontario or actually DOING something.
Anything information helps.
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Stars among us? [23 Oct 2007|01:12pm]

I noticed this community hardly gets any posts and last night while watching falling asleep to ET Canada I picked up on something that may or may not be something about us. Cape Breton might not be a big tourist attraction to people but it can be nice on the eyes in the summer and places like margaree and cheticamp can be very secluded if you're normally in a fast pace environment. I guess it's a big deal when we hear about anyone remotely famous coming here or anywhere near here but I think we might get more than we think.

In the past I've heard rumors that Jim Carey was once spotted around Sydney and at the North Sydney exhibition. I say "rumors" because even though I've heard it from multiple sources, you don't know what to believe around here. Also when I say "in the past" I mean over five years ago. Also, back in Spring I heard Jim Carey was spotted with girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy. I just shrugged it off because I'm not easily convinced.

Back to ET Canada. Jenny McCarthy has been in the news lately for doing a lot of work with Autism and they were asking her about that and her relationship with Jim Carey, the usual celebrity interview questions. She proceeded to pull out her phone which had a picture of Jim and she said something along the lines of, "I took this picture when we were in Canada. We were in this small area. Very secluded. I can't even think of the name, he has a home there too!" I just found it funny because I think if it were somewhere like Ontario or Alberta she would remember the name. I know this could be ANYWHERE but I thought I'd share that little bit of information.

While we're on the topic of famous people in our area, let's see if we can brain storm rumors or ACTUAL famous people who have been/lived here.

1. Richard Hatch (1st Winner of Survivor): I'm pretty sure this was confirmed to be true. I've seen pictures of him with people at Lick-a-Chick in Bras'dor and I think one of the journalists with the CB Post was around the Cabot trail or something and ran into him.

2. Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Reality Bites): This has also been semi-confirmed. He was on Jay Leno over a year ago and said he has a summer home in Nova Scotia. He didn't say where at in Nova Scotia but I've heard different places like Antigonish, Inverness and Ingonish.

3. Judi Dench (James Bond Movies): I heard she was here this summer. Probably a rumor. Kind of random and I heard it from a friend of a friend.

4. Jay Leno: I think it was Summer 2006 when the motorcycle rally was in Sydney. I heard he was here for it. If you know of Jay Leno you know he owns about half the vehicles in the world so it could be possible. This is an annual event that circulates around North America each year.

That's all I have. What are your stories? Doesn't have to be confirmed and they didn't have to live here.
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So a wee question [02 Jul 2007|09:18pm]

I was listening to an Ashley MacIsaac cd yesterday and started to wonder.
I wondered if Canadians really viewed us in the way his song portrays Americans.
Captain America,always wearing sunglasses,he' always right....
I know you can't answer for all Canadians.
It kind of hurts.I love Canada.I honeymooned in Nova Scotia  and my son goes to Cape Breton to vacation quite often.
Here in New Hampshire in the summer we have many many Canadians visitors ,except for the fast drivers, we think you're wonderful.
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You Are Invited [05 Jun 2007|10:30am]

This is an invitation for you to participate in a democratic forum (and protests) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have copied and pasted below some background information from http://resist.stopatlantica.org as well as the schedule of events.

Please consider coming, or tell your friends in the region about the Atlantica plan, and the resistance against it. If you can't come, please be with us in spirit.


Atlantica is the abbreviated name for the Atlantic Northeast Economic Region (AINER), a cross-border trade concept spanning the Maritime provinces, Newfoundland, southern Quebec, and the New England states, i.e., Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and upstate New York. Its main proponent and originator is a right-wing think-tank group called the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), whose board of directors represents many big-business interests in the Atlantic region, although the plan is similar to North America's SuperCorridor Coalition's "Hemispheria" plan, or the Plan Puebla
Panama, for that matter.

The proponents of Atlantica wish to develop a conduit to channel Asian goods to the United States through the Atlantic Provinces. Massive container ships called "post-Panamax" are too large to pass through the Panama Canal and Halifax is the closest North American port for ships from Asia via the Suez Canal. These containers would reach their destinations via "truck trains," resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions, higher fatal-crash rates per mile, as well as the likely expansion of superhighways through communities,
wilderness, and farmland.

Atlantica is also about increasing exports of unprocessed resources, like energy and water, from Canada to the United States. The intent is to export oil and gas from the Atlantic offshore as quickly as possible on terms that favour industry and leave decisions regarding exports to deregulated markets.

The Atlantica tag line is "business without borders," which has a double meaning: business unhampered by the international border, but also unbound from what AIMS refers to as "policy distress factors" such as minimum wages, social program spending, environmental regulation, public ownership and unionization. This kind of language is eerily familiar to that of NAFTA and the FTAA, stemming from a neoliberal agenda that aims to dismantle "trade barriers."

The results of Atlantica would be to expedite a race to the bottom for the majority of people in the region. Knowing this, the governments and institutions involved have tried to negotiate and implement this policy undemocratically behind closed doors.

Town Hall Meeting
Description: Join the Council of Canadians, the Nova Scotia
Federation of Labour and its affiliates for a community Town Hall
meeting to discuss Atlantica and what it means for Nova Scotia. After
the panel the floor will be opened to questions, comments and
discussion about Atlantica and what we can do to stop it from going
forward and promote an alternative vision that puts people and the
Earth before corporate profits.
The panel will include:
- Scott Sinclair, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and author
of the paper "Atlantica: Myths and Realities"
- Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians
- Alejandro Villamar, Oxfam Mexico
Location: Scotia Bank Auditorium, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Building, Dalhousie University, 6135 University Avenue
Time: 7:00 pm

Picket against atlantica
Description: Start off the conference with a bang, bring placards,
noisemakers and friends.
Location: WTCC (World Trade and Convention Centre)
Time: 8:30 am

Take Action Against NS Power!
Description: Confront Emera (big player in Atlantica) and NS Power's
Location: Corner of Duke and Barrington
Time: 12:00 pm

Resist Atlantica Teach-in
Description: A full day of free workshops and DIY seminars on topics
ranging from Atlantica 101
and Deep Integration' to Know Your Rights Training and Political
Location: The Khyber (1588 Barrington St)
Time: 10am – 5pm

Critical Mass Bike Ride
Description: Ride into the streets en masse against Atlantica! Come
out with your bicycles, tricycles,
skateboards, roller-blades or any other self-propelled vehicle for a
good old-fashioned fun-filled
festive flocking. Costumes are encouraged!
Location: Victoria Park (corner of Spring Garden and South Park)
Time: 5:00 pm

Rally and March Against Atlantica
Description: join the hundreds of groups and individuals for
speeches, songs, and more in the interregional mobilization against
Location: Victoria Park (corner of Spring Garden and South Park)
Time: 12:00 pm

Reclaim the Streets!
Description: Games, fun, music and food. join us for some celebratory
resistance to atlantica.
Location: Around the WTCC, downtown halifax
Time: 7:00 pm

Community Picnic
Description: Free food provided by halifax food not bombs, family
friendly atmosphere and games. Speakers and music.
Location: Seaview Park
Time: Noon
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[24 Mar 2007|04:43pm]

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[24 Mar 2007|11:02am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

If you ever look up, you will likely see more bald eagles than you would ever see in south Ontario. (However, there ARE enormous and beautiful turkey vultures in south Ontario.) The rocky and ruinous remains of Scottish settlement are populated by snake-like and sleek ermines. The dusk is populated by uniquely (in Canada) tall & skinny deer, owls, and foxes. The foxes tend to be "red" foxes, which means they are often gold in colour. The night is populated by raccoons, lynxes, wolves, coyotes, etc. Watch for their tracks in muddy places.

Places to go:
* There are ruins (from 1421) of a Chinese explorer's village. I encourage you to find them.
* Drive up to the Tibetan buddhist Gampo Abbey. Residence of the world-famous Pema Chodron, a buddhist nun and writer.
* The university. It is very small. I'de love to teach there someday.

Things to check out:
* The Bras D'Or. An aquatic ecosystem somewhere between salt water and fresh water. It is unique to the world in many respects.
* Fruit trees gone wild. In my opinion, that's one of the most wonderful things about Cape Breton Island - all the wild apple and cherry trees in the woods. The apples are tiny but edible. And where you find trees, you are likely to find ruins to the south of them. Scottish people - who were driven off their traditional lands (that they had held in common together) by the wealthy elite in Scotland during the land clearances -
* Sierra Club meetings at the union hall in Sydney. Once a month.
* Rare birds. There are many birds on Cape Breton Island that are not in any Peterson's Field Guide. Perhaps they get blown to the island in storms off the Atlantic.
* Enormous wind generators!
* The Cabot trail.
* The ferry to Newfoundland. Brave seasickness just to see the humpback (and other whales, and porpoises.
* The farmer's market in Sydney.
* The (crazy) flea market. Sometimes I find good books there. Sometimes I find trash (which is also good) there.

I hope this gives you a few healthy alternatives to the bar scene. Don't be nervous about going to Cape Breton, it is a lovely island.

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Hi! [23 Mar 2007|12:42pm]


At the end of June I'll be packing up and moving from Windsor, Ontario to Sydney, CapeBreton.
For anyone who hasn't been to see, Windsor is a pretty cultural and artsy kind of center, and I'm living smack in the middle of downtown.
I've toured Sydney before, but not without my mom, and so I haven't really seen everything it could offer.
Does anyone have any suggestions on places to go, things to check out? Shows, festivals, good restaurants? And where can I get a good cup of coffee?

With the move only 4 months away I'm getting really nervous and anxious, and I think if I knew more about the city I'm going to I can ease my mind a little bit more.

I've also been cruising MySpace, looking to meet new people so if you're on there, look me up: http://www.myspace.com/miss_sarahj

Anything helps. I just need to be less nervous.
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[28 Feb 2007|04:12pm]

This is slightly off topic, but you can choose to donate to a women's shelter in Nova Scotia.

Women’s shelters in the U.S. go through thousands of tampons and pads monthly, and, while agencies generally assist with everyday necessities such as toilet paper, diapers, and clothing, this most basic need is often overlooked. You and I may take our monthly trips down the feminine care aisle for granted, but, for women in shelters, a box of tampons is five dollars they can’t spare. Here’s some good news: you can help us contribute to rectifying this situation by making a virtual donation below!
For each virtual donation, Seventh Generation will send a pack of organic cotton tampons or chlorine-free pads to a shelter in your state.

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Apartments in Sydney? [18 Jan 2007|08:57am]

Where may I find apartment listings online for Sydney? The sites I found on Google say there aren't ANY apartments available (or houses or anything) and I'm far away. Pretty please?
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Yo, s'goin' on peeps? [07 Jan 2007|09:55pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm just wondering if any of YOU take any classes in the Sydney area? I.e. yoga, painting, pottery, dance, sculpting, etc. Please comment with info if applicable!

Thanks very much!

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[04 Jan 2007|02:15pm]

For Sale;

IBM Thinkpad 600E Toughbook
PIII 600 mhg.
200 mg RAM
10 gig HD
Docking station.
$250 firm.

Great portable computer.

Call 849-2731 or e-mail roo_the_wolf@hotmail.com
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Merry Christmas Cape Breton [25 Dec 2006|12:28pm]

I actually don't remember having a sunny Christmas. It's always cloudy, rainy or white, but it actually looks nice outside.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone here in capebreton
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YouTube? [14 Dec 2006|11:42am]

Anyone in this community contributing videos to YouTube?


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Cape Breton Nation [10 Dec 2006|01:34pm]

Some Cape Bretoners call for special status after Quebecois declared a nation

HALIFAX (CP) - With Ottawa's recent decision to recognize the Quebecois as a nation, federal politicians have unwittingly breathed new life into the separatist movement - in Cape Breton.

The idea of separating the rugged island from Nova Scotia - politically, that is - has been kicking around since the 1970s. Over the years, various groups have advocated breaking away and creating a new province, including the Cape Breton Labour party and the comic Cape Breton Liberation Army.

In 2000, a handful of regional politicians raised the possibility of seceding from the mainland, with one saying: "There's no employment here on the island, so how worse off could we be on our own?" Though fuelled by the widespread perception that the island has long been neglected by the provincial government, the fringe movement has laid dormant for years. But members of this small, disparate group say Prime Minister Stephen Harper's historic parliamentary motion, adopted last month, has revived their dream.

Mark Macneill, a vocal proponent of making Cape Breton a province, says the motion has placed Canada on a slippery slope toward constitutional change. "Where there's change, there's often opportunity," says Macneill, a longtime Cape Bretoner whose low-key campaign has included letters to politicians and media outlets.

"There's going to be an opportunity . . . to see if we can negotiate Cape Breton as one of Canada's newest provinces."

Macneill, an educator from Mabou who does not claim membership in any official movement, says Harper's parliamentary motion could inspire similar movements in Labrador, northern Ontario and northern Manitoba. He says a "predominant majority" of the island's 150,000 residents support separation. Some Cape Bretoners, including retired radio host Bill Davies, say the island never willingly gave up its independence after it became a separate colony in 1784.

"We were annexed without our knowledge," he says, referring to its unification with Nova Scotia in 1820.

Davies, a resident of Glace Bay, plans to circulate a petition advocating provincial or territorial status for the island.

"People are talking now about Quebec and eventually they'll come up with, well, (Cape Breton is) distinct, we should be on our own."

Historian Michael Earle says dissatisfaction in Cape Breton can be traced to the collapse of the island's coal and steel industries.

"Most of the area now has very high unemployment," says Earle. "Most of the young people move away."

But he says, as far as he's aware, that hasn't translated into popular support for separatism.

"I've always thought of it as a very small movement without wide support."

A 2002 poll of 405 Nova Scotians showed that 82 per cent of the Cape Bretoners surveyed were either completely or mostly opposed to separation. Still, the survey was part of a study prepared for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality that concluded "dramatic changes in governance are needed" to address the island's economic struggles. The study named separation as one possible solution, though it conceded "provincialism cannot solve everything." Scott Boyd, manager of the province's Cape Breton cabinet office, says many of the problems faced by Cape Bretoners are not unique to the island.

"As a province, we can get together, make (people's) stories heard and hopefully find a solution."

Boyd says previous provincialist movements have hardly been legitimate, but admits "there are people out there that would like to see us try to set up as a separate province." The Nova Scotia government established the office in 1999 to ensure local concerns are heard by cabinet ministers.

For some Cape Bretoners, the cabinet office is just a token measure.

"If we had our own government, we would be better able to control what happens here," says islander Sharon MacLeod.

"A lot of things are done from a mainland perspective."

MacLeod, who lives in Big Bras d'Or, says provincehood would allow local control of the island's resources.

"That doesn't mean we want tons of money or anything else," says MacLeod. "We want to be able to have some say in our destiny."

So what does everyone think of this here? I guess it was inevitable that after Quebec was declared a Nation with in Canada that other people were gonna jump ship.
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Easy 13 Ringtones [07 Dec 2006|09:24pm]

The band, Easy 13, now has ringtones of some of their songs off their Overflow album currently on their Myspace:


They're also working on new material for a new album coming out in May. And also, if anyone has or knows a band from Cape Breton, you can advertise any dates the band is playing to get some attention around Cape Breton (or well, at least have another source to advertise).
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So.. [24 Nov 2006|10:02am]

[ mood | Meah ]

My name is Lyle, and (obviously) I'm living in Cape Breton. So. What's going on?

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New to Cape Breton community [12 Nov 2006|01:37pm]


I'm new to this community. I'm just posting because I don't want to be a lurker.

Tim Schwinghamer
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