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Stars among us?

I noticed this community hardly gets any posts and last night while watching falling asleep to ET Canada I picked up on something that may or may not be something about us. Cape Breton might not be a big tourist attraction to people but it can be nice on the eyes in the summer and places like margaree and cheticamp can be very secluded if you're normally in a fast pace environment. I guess it's a big deal when we hear about anyone remotely famous coming here or anywhere near here but I think we might get more than we think.

In the past I've heard rumors that Jim Carey was once spotted around Sydney and at the North Sydney exhibition. I say "rumors" because even though I've heard it from multiple sources, you don't know what to believe around here. Also when I say "in the past" I mean over five years ago. Also, back in Spring I heard Jim Carey was spotted with girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy. I just shrugged it off because I'm not easily convinced.

Back to ET Canada. Jenny McCarthy has been in the news lately for doing a lot of work with Autism and they were asking her about that and her relationship with Jim Carey, the usual celebrity interview questions. She proceeded to pull out her phone which had a picture of Jim and she said something along the lines of, "I took this picture when we were in Canada. We were in this small area. Very secluded. I can't even think of the name, he has a home there too!" I just found it funny because I think if it were somewhere like Ontario or Alberta she would remember the name. I know this could be ANYWHERE but I thought I'd share that little bit of information.

While we're on the topic of famous people in our area, let's see if we can brain storm rumors or ACTUAL famous people who have been/lived here.

1. Richard Hatch (1st Winner of Survivor): I'm pretty sure this was confirmed to be true. I've seen pictures of him with people at Lick-a-Chick in Bras'dor and I think one of the journalists with the CB Post was around the Cabot trail or something and ran into him.

2. Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Reality Bites): This has also been semi-confirmed. He was on Jay Leno over a year ago and said he has a summer home in Nova Scotia. He didn't say where at in Nova Scotia but I've heard different places like Antigonish, Inverness and Ingonish.

3. Judi Dench (James Bond Movies): I heard she was here this summer. Probably a rumor. Kind of random and I heard it from a friend of a friend.

4. Jay Leno: I think it was Summer 2006 when the motorcycle rally was in Sydney. I heard he was here for it. If you know of Jay Leno you know he owns about half the vehicles in the world so it could be possible. This is an annual event that circulates around North America each year.

That's all I have. What are your stories? Doesn't have to be confirmed and they didn't have to live here.
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